Clay Club

Working with clay, learning new techniques, and enjoying other ‘clay people’ is a natural place to build community. The Cedarhurst Clay Club, formed in 2009, has grown and morphed over time. Currently, it holds quarterly firings, demos, guest speakers or exhibits, with a recent Cup Challenge Exhibit and up-coming Horsehair and Raku firings. To get involved, please email Carrie Stovers, Director, Shrode Art Center, at carrie@cedarhurst.org and ask to be placed on the Clay Club emailing list. Notifications will be emailed to Clay Club members throughout the year as events are scheduled.

This, and all of the Cedarhurst Groups & Clubs, is a membership perk. To become a member click hereFor more information contact Carrie StoverDirector of Shrode Art Center, at 618.242.1236 ext. 249 or email carrie@cedarhurst.org