Brian Alvis
Tess Barnett

Charity Brandon
Carlene Brown
Lacey Copple
Alaina Cusumano
Lisa Flagg
Brett Hall

Mary Harlan 
Trinda Heitmeyer
Michelle Hoffman
Kristina Klein
Randy Kniffen – Past President
Michael Kroeschen – Secretary
Roberta Lynch
Ashley Manuel

Mary Beth Mezo – Vice President
Stacey Palmer
Theresa Rowe
Cheryl Settle
Cynthia Thomas
Tony Wielt – President
Frank Winchester
Alicia Woodward

Cedarhurst welcomed the 2022-2023 Cedarhurst Administrative Counselors, Counselors Emeritus, and Youth Ambassadors for the annual appreciation luncheon. The counselors serve as the core of the invaluable volunteers that spearhead and serve on the museum’s program and event committees.

2022 – 2023 Administrative Counselors (Back to Front / Left to Right)

Back Row: Ashley Manual, Brian Alvis, Frank Winchester, Mary Harlan, Charity Bevis Brandon, Brett Hall
Third Row: Stacey Palmer, Tess Barnett, Lacey Copple, Cassy Karcher, Rolland Mays, Jaden Nichols, Larry Sidwell, Izak Wisneski, Kevin Settle
Second Row: Carlene Brown, Michelle Hoffman, Ina Rae Drake, Roberta Lynch, Olivia Baumhogger, Cyndy Mitchell, Alicia Woodward, Trinda Heitmeyer
Front row: Randy Kniffen, Mary Beth Mezo, Tony Wielt, Theresa Rowe, Cheryl Settle

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts recently welcomed the new 2022 – 2023 Cedarhurst Student Council. Music educator and Cedarhurst Administrative Counselor Emeritus Rolland Mays serves as a mentor for the student group that works to promote the programs and mission of Cedarhurst to high school students in the southern Illinois region.

Mt. Vernon Township High School students (left to right): Olivia Baumhogger, Jaden Nichols, Izak Wisneski, with Student Council Mentor, Rolland Mays.
Not pictured: Jude Erasmus and Kaitlyn Fisher