AUGUST 16, 2015 – OCTOBER 4, 2015

The 26th Annual Gathering of Quilts exhibition displays the wonderful textile talents of the Cedarhurst Quilters celebrating their love for sewing, fabrics, and the art of quilting with its long and venerable history. Traditional and non-traditional quilts colorfully adorn the walls of this striking exhibit held in the Beal Grand Corridor, Shrode Art Center, and Beck Family Center Gallery. This exhibit attracts quilt enthusiasts and visitors from all over the region and is always embraced as a community favorite.

The Cedarhurst Quilters meet the first Thursday of every month at the Shrode Art Center. During meetings they share their love for quilting, new ideas and information, participate in quilting workshops, announce area quilt exhibits, discuss business, and work on charitable quilting projects. For more information about the club and their activities please contact the art center.

SPONSORED BY: Hughey Funeral Home and St. Mary’s Good Samaritan, Inc.

COSPONSORED BY: Byrd Watson Drug Co.



Sunday, August 30th – 1:30 pm

Open to the Public | Free Admission 

Refreshments served following program

The Bed-Turning Program is a time to showcase additional quilts as well as antique quilts the Cedarhurst Quilters have in their collections. In order to heighten quilt