October 22, 2017 – December 31, 2017

Members Preview | Saturday, October 21 | 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Gallery Admission: $5 per person | Cedarhurst Members Free (children 10 and under free)
All admission is Free each Thursday

Exhibit Cosponsors: Kevin and Cheryl Settle | WSIU Public Broadcasting
Gallery Sponsors: Hunt and Donna Bonan | 

Natural wood has a beauty- subtle, alluring, and inherent. Wood has an integrity of its own, vulnerable, yet strong and resilient, varied with moods of distinct personalities, flowing with rhythms of texture and line, subtle colors and shadings of light and dark, imbued with either masculine or feminine qualities. The beauty of wood holds the center of the art of Kyle Kinser.

There is a belief system at work in Kyle’s cabinets. It speaks to love, to discipline, to quality cabinetmaking, to the integrity of wood as a primordial symbol of life. Call it, the morality of form. Through the long and thoughtful process of creating cabinets, Kyle’s beliefs are given tangible form. To own and live with a work from this cabinetmaker is to share in the joy of wood and celebrate the physical representation of a meditative and thoughtfully considered way of life. Kyle has said, “Opening and closing a cabinet door can be an experience; just a spiritual benefit you can get from a well-made object.”

The social function of these cabinets is not about nostalgia, but about the physical manifestation of a timeless philosophy. Throughout time, well-made, hand-crafted works of art–humble clay pot, a quilt, an simple cabinet–have stood as emblems of quality of life.

[excerpt from The Quiet Object in Unquiet Times by Rusty Freeman, Cedarhurst Visual Arts Director]