August 5 – October 8, 2023
• Exhibit Open: Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm & Sunday 1:00 to 5:00 pm
• Gallery Admission – Free


Friday, August 4 | 5:00 – 7:00 pm
• Complimentary Bar & Hors d’oeuvres | 5:00 – 6:00 pm
• Admission: $10.00 | Cedarhurst Members – Free


Thursday, August 31 | 6:15 pm
• During Thursday Night Live | 5:00 – 8:00 pm
• Facilitated by Rusty Freeman, Director of Visual Arts

GALLERY SPONSORS:    |  Hunt and Donna Bonan

EXHIBIT SPONSORS: Bill and Sylvia Howard  |


The 2023 Biennial presents the best in contemporary art from southern Illinois. The exhibition provides a barometer of how artists in the region are critically and aesthetically responding to their worlds.


St. Louis artist Dominic Finocchio’s award-winning paintings and drawings have been presented in curated, invitational, and juried exhibits throughout the U.S. for more than 30 years.

His long experience as a visual artist guides his decisions in both art making and to answering the question – what is a work of art? His deep interest in art history as it has evolved into the twenty-first century has shaped a point of view that maintains openness and enjoys being initially confounded and eventually engaged. He looks for a balance that allows aesthetics and personal statement to thrive together and believes that technical skill simply needs to be able to create that balance.

Finocchio was asked recently, what advice would you offer to artists? His response: “Stop concerning yourself with the approval of others and try to make art that you don’t see anyone else making. Realize that your personal vision has most of what you need to make good work and because of the importance of subjectivity there hasn’t been a rule book since the nineteenth century so there is no right or wrong.”


David Acquistapace | St Louis, MO | The Night of the Warrior
Katrina Bauer | Mt Vernon | Trampoline
Martha Briana | Makanda | Aunti-M
Martha Briana | Makanda | Sweet Temptation
Sarah Capps | Belle Rive | Tranquility
Luca Cruzat | Carbondale | Sometimes We Laugh
Jo Jasper Dean | Chesterfield, MO | Canyon de Chelly
John DenHouter | Edwardsville | Break a Leg
Bel Dethrow | Belleville | Evie and Izzy
Mark Donham | Brookport | Lillian
Thad Duhigg | Worden | Eden
Paul Elledge | Bluford | Billy Corgan for the Rock Opera Atum
Paul Elledge | Bluford | Wanderlust
Rachel Ensor | Murphysboro | People 1
Michael Faris | Belleville | I’m Afraid of Americans
Michael Faris | Belleville | The Last Lonely Hours of Sandra Bland
Valerie Fry | Marion | Those Who Came Before
David M. Hammond | Goreville | Water Series #1: Falling Water
David M. Hammond | Goreville | Water Series #3: Frozen Galaxies
Bernie White Hatcher | Springfield | In the Mountains
Jane Isenberg | Chesterfield, MO | Found Friendship
Travis Janssen | Makanda | Helvetica_Z
Robert A. Ketchens | O’Fallon | David
Robert A. Ketchens | O’Fallon | My Brother
Robert A. Ketchens | O’Fallon | SON of Ferguson
Susan Kunz | Trenton | Spring Breese
Sheila Lamberson | Bloomington | Feed Me
Terry Lay | St Louis, MO | Route of the Maya

Biki Maragni | Benton | Hanging On
Biki Maragni | Benton | No Crying Here
Biki Maragni | Benton | Old Timer
Barbara McDonnell | Kirkwood, MO | Upstairs in the Abandoned House
Mary Ann Michna | New Harmony, IN | Bathing Rex
Jerry Monteith Cobden | Emergens
Elizabeth Moore | St Louis, MO | Spirit Horse Named Simon
Elizabeth Moore | St Louis, MO | Sunday Morning with the Water Nymphs
Dwain Naragon | Hillsboro, MO | Midday
Daniel Overturf | Murphysboro | Rend Lake
Leasha Overturf | Bluford | Nancy
Leasha Overturf | Bluford | Truth or Fiction
Alex Paradowski | Granite City | Hopeless
Nathan Pearce | Fairfield | Howth
Albert Phillips | Shawneetown | Miniature Bodgeral
Jodi Ruffner | Murphysboro | Still Amidst the Flurry
Spencer Sauter | Normal | 13 to 14
Jim Serrett | Murphysboro | Lemons in a Bowl
William Simeone | Carbondale | The Dancer
Randy Simmons | Paducah, KY | I Have Moons for Eyes
Randy Simmons | Paducah, KY | Momma, Love’s Bein’ Mean To Me
Robert Treece | Claremont | This Painting is Garbage
Jeane Vogel | St Louis, MO | Three Blessings and a Warning, from the Covid Series
Mel Watkin | Cobden | Kentucky Coffee Tree
Debbie Wilson | Mt Vernon | Polar Vortex
David M. Yates | Edwardsville | Last Leg