Cedarhurst has partnered with ArtsPower Theatre to offer digital content (similar to the on stage productions you have enjoyed at Cedarhurst) that encourages creativity, provides arts enrichment, curriculum enhancement, and spreads a little joy. ArtsPower Theatre-On-Demand is a virtual field trip, educational tool, that uses professional, literature-based theatre performances and Common-Core-aligned instruction in the performing arts, language arts, and visual arts, to advance critical thinking skills, improve literacy proficiencies, and promote character education among elementary and middle school students.

Each additional classroom $30
A Subscription will give your school all access* to these two delightful productions to view in the classroom or for remote learning classrooms for the entire 2020/2021 school year. 

Click on the images below for more information and to view videos of these productions. 

Chicken Dance the Musical is ArtsPower’s popular, 55-minute musical based on the multi award-winning book by Tammi Sauer with illustrations by the 2015 Caldecott Award winning artist Dan Santat. Chicken Dance portrays the story of Marge and Lola, two friendly and determined chickens, who set out to win the Barnyard Talent Show and its first prize: two tickets to see the famous rooster Elvis Poultry in concert. The only problem is Marge and Lola can’t figure out their act for the talent show. Mac the Duck, the barnyard bully, is also entered in the show and continually reminds his chicken friends that they have no chance of winning the contest. Elsie, the barnyard’s sweetest and very shy cow, decides that she, too, will compete in the show.

A desire to escape the sameness of every day turns into a journey of intrigue and self-discovery when Claudia Kincaid and her brother Jamie decide to run away from home. Their final destination: The Metropolitan Museum of Art! At the Met, Claudia isn’t sure exactly why she needs to get away from her highly structured home life, but she does know that she’s going to learn absolutely everything about art during her stay. That’s right: the kids secretly move in to the museum! Claudia and Jamie stumble upon Angel, a marble statue in the museum, that may be the work of Michaelangelo. They are challenged by the statue’s owner, the cunning Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, to prove that Angel was actually sculpted by the master.



  • Performances in HD
    Full-length, high definition videos will spark a child’s imagination.
  • Study Buddys
    Content-rich, standards-based Study Buddys are specific to each grade level and easy to use.
  • Instructional Videos
    Follow the leads of each show’s director and choreographer as they teach you – step by step – how to sing and dance a musical number from the show.
  • Behind the Scenes Videos
    Meet the authors, directors, and composers and learn how a book is transformed into a fully-staged ArtsPower musical!

To sign up call Tracy at 618.242.1236 ext. 248 or email: tracy@cedarhurst.org. While you’re here check out our In-School Art Reach Programs!

Program Sponsors: George and Paula (Mace) Kuhn | The Bernard and Naomi L. Podolsky Charitable Trust | Security Alarm Corp.