Animals with Tales

Fables, or animals with tales, are short stories that date to ancient times.  The two-thousand-five-hundred-year-old animal fables of the Greek slave Aesop are still heard today.  Often moralizing or satirizing, the stories are told by animals who speak.  Contemporary fables include Charlotte’s Web, 1952, by E.B.White  and George Orwell’s 1945 political fable Animal Farm.  Fables with talking …

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The Op Art Vessel

Tom Orr’s Vessel is a three-dimensional sculpture, but it also creates an amazing visual feature of moire patterns that echo historically the Op Art of the Sixties. Moires are the appearance of wavy lines that form when two separate sets of lines overlap. Vessel’s waves of moire, TOM ORR, Vessel, 2009, powder coated steel, Collection of Goldman-Kuenz Sculpture Park …

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Northern Moon

Northern Moon is a fine example of what an artist can accomplish when offered a studio, two assistants, a choice collection of metals, and a one-week deadline to create. During a visit over Christmas break with Canadian artist Rod Dowling, Illinois artist and SIUC art professor Aldon Addington created Northern Moon. Away with a project in …

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