Art Theory

Formalism and Symbolic Content

Formalism is a fundamental theory of aesthetics (the study of art and its values) emphasizing the overall appearance of a work of art. The appearance is judged for how well the formal arrangement of elements within a painting, sculpture, etc., manages to convey a successful “internal logic.” All formal elements must work together to convey …

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Mythology of The Bull

We celebrate the return of John Kearney’s Bull from conservation restoration with an esoteric collage from the History of the Bull. Picasso is well known for his adoption of the Bull as his alter-ego or avatar.  As a young boy, his first drawings were of bulls and bullfights.  Bullfighting in Spain is over 2,000 years old and may have …

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Monetization: Digital Entertainment or Visual Analysis

The raging world-wide pandemic has revealed many realities but key among them is the fragility of the market.  The market must be fed everyday or it falls apart. Museums though in essence are not “of the market” they must function as if they were, or fail.  With nothing to sell per se, museums, like newspapers …

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The Allegory of Freedom

The personification of Woman began when we looked to the sky and named a planet, Venus. Woman as allegory can stand for a variety of conceptualizations.  The Ideal of Woman as quintessential Other has been appropriated endlessly to personify conceptions: Nature, Nations, Ships…, as well as the promise of Democracy and Freedom. Today, “Goddess” does …

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