things come apart

Smithsonian’s “Things Come Apart”

This exhibition explores the product design and evolution of some of our most cherished tools, the telephone, the clock, and the camera.  And many others.  Along the way, we discover that some of our most important, like the smartphone, though incredibly well-designed, and without a doubt, now indispensable, may not be the most sustainable and best …

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Encyclopédie, Smithsonian, & Cedarhurst

What could the 18th-century and the 21st-century possibly have in common?  Two things: a love of knowledge, and a love of takings things apart to see how they work.  See Things Come Apart and Jefferson & Diderot blogs. The Encyclopédie gathered current knowledge in written essays and illustrations to make it available beyond aristocrats and scholars. A side-by-side comparison; left, …

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