Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

Dennis Oppenheim Arrives at Cedarhurst 1997

Dennis Oppenheim was a peripatetic artist, working as many did in the 1960s, first in Earth Art, then Body Art and Video Art, combining the last two in Performance Art, before moving on to Sculpture proper.  In each discipline, Dennis Oppenheim was an influential artist, well-respected by his peers.  Among Oppenheim’s many accolades, he was …

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The Origins of Museums

The history of the genesis of museums is a fascinating blend of passion for all things handmade and for the beauty and strangeness of nature. This blog will introduce the motivating impulses of education and conservation that began museums and continue to inform museums today. The Cedarhurst Center for the Arts and the Goldman-Kuenz Sculpture Park are a part …

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Museums Study History Through Art

Museums, and perhaps most particularly art museums, have roles to play in connecting the lives of their visitors with the history of their communities and their country. History becomes illuminating when it’s tied to the present. Museums can, for their audiences, facilitate this connecting work of history to the world today. Art museums themselves have …

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Mythology of The Bull

We celebrate the return of John Kearney’s Bull from conservation restoration with an esoteric collage from the History of the Bull. Picasso is well known for his adoption of the Bull as his alter-ego or avatar.  As a young boy, his first drawings were of bulls and bullfights.  Bullfighting in Spain is over 2,000 years old and may have …

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Smithsonian’s “Things Come Apart”

This exhibition explores the product design and evolution of some of our most cherished tools, the telephone, the clock, and the camera.  And many others.  Along the way, we discover that some of our most important, like the smartphone, though incredibly well-designed, and without a doubt, now indispensable, may not be the most sustainable and best …

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Robert Youngman’s Cedarhurst One

Robert Youngman’s sculpture, Cedarhurst One, was the very first outdoor sculpture to be commissioned and installed by the Mitchell Foundation. It was done to celebrate the museum’s tenth anniversary in 1983. Well before the sculpture park began formally in 1993 with the NEA’s Jane Alexander dedication. Youngman, Cedarhurst One, 1983, Goldman-Kuenz Sculpture Park, Mt. Vernon, IL Photos …

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