Formalism and Symbolic Content

Formalism is a fundamental theory of aesthetics (the study of art and its values) emphasizing the overall appearance of a work of art. The appearance is judged for how well the formal arrangement of elements within a painting, sculpture, etc., manages to convey a successful “internal logic.” All formal elements must work together to convey …

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Beauty, Truth, and a New Year

Since the time of the Greek philosopher Plotinus, Beauty has been regarded as inextricably linked to Truth.  Modern writers John Ruskin, Walter Pater, and Oscar Wilde shared this conviction. In appraising Beauty, we sense something greater than the sum of the form’s parts.  No single attribute defines the object, it is a cumulative effect. During …

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☕Art, Coffee & Conversation

Join us every other month for casual conversation about current events in the art world. Art, Coffee & Conversation is FREE and open to the public! Join the group for a socially distanced in-person event at the Mitchell House! Please follow current COVID-conscious safety practices. 2022 Dates: February 2nd April 6th June 1st August 3rd …

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